Wano Engineering Systems is a well thought organization of Electrical and Gypsum Professionals providing Gypsum Ceiling, Partitioning, Painting & Electrical solutions/services throughout all 47 counties in Kenya. Registered in 2015 by Kenyan government, business activities are based on two service sectors: Electrical and Gypsum Designs Solutions.

Our Vision

To be the organization that best understands and satisfies the Product, Technical Solutions and Self-fulfillment needs of our clients in the region.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable and appropriate Technical services and solutions with positive social and environmental impact, thus ensuring value to all stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Teamwork: We promote respect, unity, commonness of purpose amongst staff members, and encourage sharing of ideas with openness.

Quality: We lay strong emphasis on quality control systems to ensure the proper performance of our products and service delivery.

Integrity: We embrace a culture that promotes honesty, transparency, accountability, and professional ethics.

Customer focus: We are dedicated to meeting the diverse expectations of our customers.

Time-conscious: We encourage and sustainably manage the timely delivery of service and provision of high-quality products.